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This Cookie Policy refers to the site ("Site"), owned and managed by the Company “Officine Dall’Alba S.r.l.”, Via IV Novembre, 46-36014 Santorso, Vicenza ( the "Owner").

General information about cookies and their classification

Cookies are small text files sent by a web server to the user relating to the visited website. They are stored and managed by the browser on the hard disk of the computer. They allow the site to "remember" users for the duration of the visit (thanks to a "temporary cookie") or for more visits (using a "persistent cookie"). In general, cookies can also perform several other functions to ensure or improve the service offered. Some sites use cookies to improve the target of their advertising or marketing messages based on the location or on browsing habits of the users.

There are different types of cookies. Some are required to be able to surf the Web, others have different purpose such as ensuring internal security, system administration, perform statistical analysis, understanding what kind of sessions of the Site most interest the users or, finally, offering a personalized visit of the Site.

 Cookies are classified into different types based on:

 - Duration (session cookies - temporary, which is deleted after the browser is closed- or persistent cookies - active until an expiration date or until the user deletes it. They are used for example when you want to know who a member is for more than a browsing session).

 - Source, depending on the party who sends the cookie (first party cookies - provided and read only by the website you are visiting - or third party - created and used by a different site from the one you are visiting)

 - Purpose (technical or non-technical cookies)

 - Specific Technical Characteristics

A technical cookie can be:

- Navigation cookie/indispensable/performance/process or safety

It helps the functioning of the site, in order to let you browse between pages or access to protected areas. If it is blocked, the website cannot function properly. Nb: the security cookie is a sub-type that allows you to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and protect data from unauthorized parties. It can e.g. contain digitally signed records and encrypted to the user's account ID.

- Feature cookie/preferences/localization/session state

It allows you to store information, which change the behaviour or appearance of the site (preferred language, size of text and characters, geographic area in which you are located). If it is blocked, the experience is less functional but not impaired.

- Statistical cookie/analytic

a) First-hand or

b) Third-party with IP masking, without crossing data

Comparable to the technical purposes cookie, it helps to gather information and generate usage statistics of the web site in order to understand how users interact between each other.

Information about cookies used by this Site

This application uses only technical cookies -necessary for the functioning, and statistical aggregate cookies, in accordance with the following table:


Type of cookie

Name of Cookie




First Party Cookie - Functional


Save user's session and remember certain settings such as accessibility settings


First Party Cookie- Functional


Store the user's location and remember the language settings


Third-party cookies - Statistics, performance

_ga: The name of this cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics - a major upgrade to the already commonly known Google analytics service. The new service reduces dependency on cookies in general, and sets only _ga and another - _gat, although Google claims that the data can also be collected without the setting of cookies

. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning them a number generated randomly as a client identifier. E 'included with every page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for analysis reports of the sites.

Google Analitics

By default it is set to expire after 2 years, although this deadline can be customized by the owners of the websites.

Third-party cookies - Statistics, performance

_gat: The name of this cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics


It is used to speed up page load times, limiting the collection of data on high-traffic sites.

Google Analitics

It expires after 10 minutes.

First Party Cookie - Functional


It saves the consent of the users for the current domain.

1 year


This site may also use some services given from third parties, for the purposes of:

- Statistics

The statistics of installed management services are managed either directly by the Owner or by applications provided by third parties, which collect data in an aggregate form. These may make user's tracing activities, without the knowledge of the owner. For more information on third parties data management and tracking, please consult the specific privacy policy of each service.

Google Analytics anonymized

The services provided by Google Inc. ("Google") via the Google Analytics service with anonymized IP are used to collect data of the site browsing by users. This information is useful in order to see what works and what should be improved. It allows you, for example, to know what are the most visited pages, how long- on average- a visit to the site lasts, and so on. The information collected in this way are all in aggregate and anonymous form, not attributable to individuals. Reference should be made in every case to the Google privacy policy for more information.

The information generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google with specified proceedings in the following statement:

To consult the privacy policy of the company Google Inc., owner of the independent processing of data relating to the Google Analytics service, visit

Google provides an add-on for your browser that allows you to opt-out, available online athttps: // Hl = en


- Test of content and functionality performance (A / B Testing)

These services allow the owner of the processing to keep track and analyse the response from the user, in terms of traffic or behaviour, in relation to the structure, to the text or to any component of this application. Here, the service is from:

Google Website Optimizer (Google Inc.), a testing service offered by Google Inc., which could, however, also use the Personal Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its advertising network.

Personal data probably collected: Cookie and Usage Data

Place of treatment: Usa - Links to the privacy policy

Furthermore, to improve user’s interaction, this Site includes some contents and links from other sites, which lead to content sharing in external platforms

- Displaying content from external platforms

Static maps in Google Maps (Google Inc.)

The installed service allows viewing maps owned by Google Inc. and the possible interaction with them. It is possible that, even if users do not use the interactive service, Google Inc., and other companies of its staff, will collect traffic data related to the pages where the service is installed. For more specific information, reference is therefore made to the Google Privacy Policy.

Personal data probably collected: Cookie and usage data.

Place of treatment: USA- link to privacy policy

Google Fonts (Google Inc.)

It is a service that allows you to display font styles; it is managed by Google Inc., and it enables this application to include such content.

Personal data probably collected: usage data and others, as specified by the privacy policy of the service

Place of treatment: USA- link to privacy policy


Font Awesome (Dave Gandy)

It is a service that allows you to view icons and character styles, created by Dave Gandy, and it enables this application to include such content. This Site, at the date of this policy, does not communicate the collection of personal data. In any case, please consult the creator of the website for more information.

Personal data probably collected: usage data and others as specified by the privacy policy of the service

Place of treatment: USA- Link to site

- Interaction with external social networks and platforms

The web site uses links and third-party tools that interacts with social networks. For example by sharing systems of content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus: cookies in this case are necessary for the operation of the sharing mechanism and are installed directly from the visited social networks. Their presence, quantity and their form depend on the use that the user makes of the network in question. Therefore we ask the user to consult the policies of the sites concerned.

Below the links to the cookie policy of the leading Social Network

- Facebook

- Google (Google+, Youtube)

- Twitter

- Linkedin

How to change settings on cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change the settings to disable this function. You can block all types of cookies, or accept only a few, and disable the others. Sections "Options" or "Preferences" in the browser menu allow you to avoid receiving cookies and other user tracking technologies, and they allow you to be notified from the browser in case of activation of these technologies. Alternatively, you can also refer to "Help" of the toolbar present in most browsers.

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